Randy Roberts, Founder & CEO

After 25 years in corporate roles that took him all over the world, Randy founded Renodo Consulting in 2016.  He has held executive and C-level positions in companies across the technology ecosystem including devices, applications, mobile networks and services.  His responsibilities have included innovation, sales, marketing, data analytics, marketing, product management and product development.

Prior to founding Renodo, Randy was most recently Chief Innovation Officer at Thuraya Telecommunications, based in Dubai, where he was responsible for innovation, marketing, product development, product management, business intelligence and solutions engineering. He has held a variety of leadership roles at Siemens, AT&T, BlackBerry, Motorola and Nokia where he was typically asked to build and lead a team to identify new markets and/or technologies to drive new revenues for the business.

Randy is a seasoned technology executive and has a wealth of experience in strategy development, market research and portfolio planning. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas Tech University.

He currently holds roles as Director, IMT Solutions and a member of the Board of Directors at WiCis Sports.



We have decades of experience defining, building and delivering solutions for enterprise and consumer customers.  The team has a well-rounded set of skills that includes both business and marketing acumen (to understand the “what”) as well as technical depth (to understand the “how”).

To uncover the “what”, we have developed the skills to manage primary market research projects including focus groups and conjoint studies.  In projects that require this type of activity to identify a new opportunity or to prioritize features or functions, our team can assist in developing the survey and lead the of the responses to develop clear recommendations based on data.

We cover every aspect of the ecosystem in our skillset and, in fact, have been responsible for developing and managing ecosystem partnerships in the past.  Understanding the value chain of your market, with competitors and potential partners, is a necessary step to begin to build out an ecosystem.

Some of our specific skills are listed below:


  •      Smartphones/Tablets
  •      Satellite: Phones, Maritime, Aero, Land
  •      IoT: Sensors, Beacons, Modules, Wearables

Ecosystem Development/Management

  •      IoT, Channels, APIs, Devices, Apps, SI, Networks
  •      Dev Programs: Nokia, Moto, BlackBerry, Thuraya, Bluemix, AnyPresence


  •      Cloud
  •      Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS)
  •      Mobile API Platforms
  •      OS: iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows 8


  •      GMS 3G/4G, Satellite, WiFi, LPWAN, BT


At Renodo, our team of professionals have experience defining and building solutions across a broad range of markets including Telecom, Energy, Healthcare, Vehicle Tracking, Smart Cities, Logistics, Maritime,  & more.

Our backgrounds include roles with companies of all sizes, from start-ups all the way to Fortune 500 firms.  We understand how processes (or lack of processes) work in all types of environments and can adjust our perspective to consider the differences.

Our collective experience includes working with customers and partners in almost every corner of the world including North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Having this diverse background gives us unique insights into the differences in these markets and how to approach them, as well as the differences in the customs and cultures of the people.  We believe this improves our ability to offer our customers a better overall service and a better opportunity to grow their business internationally.

Here is a list of our experience and some of the roles we’ve held in those firms:


  •      P&L, Strategy, Product Management, Business Cases, Ecosystem


  •      P&L, Innovation, Strategy, Product Management, Product Development, Marketing, Business Cases, Use Cases, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics


  •      P&L, Strategy, Media Device Product Management, Marketing


  •      P&L, Strategy, Device Product Management, Marketing, Ecosystem


  •      Network Engineering Planning, Testing, Roll Out


  •      P&L, Strategy, App Product Management, App Store Management/Marketing


  •      P&L, Developer Program, Product Management, Business Cases