We have the skills to identify new opportunities to grow your business and the technical depth to help you develop and deliver to the market.  We lean on our experience to deliver results for you but we also take pride in providing processes to help you innovate, plan and differentiate more effectively.

Our key areas of value-add include:

  • Define Emerging Opportunities: Identify new technologies, products, applications, services or business models to differentiate your offer in the market
  • Prioritize Market & Technology Choice: Prioritize so you can focus your investments and resources on the solutions and technologies that add the most value for your business
  • Kick-Start Innovation & Intrapreneurship: Develop the processes and culture to allow innovation to create new value and position you as a leader
  • Outsource Development: Add supplemental engineering resources to take advantage of the new opportunities developed to accelerate time to market



The pace of emerging technologies, business models and ecosystem partnerships seems to increase daily.  Although challenging, this creates many opportunities for our customers to take a leadership position in their market(s). We can assist you to take advantage of these emerging opportunities to define and develop a new product, application, service or business model.

The project may be driven by a new trend, an emerging need that is identified in the customer base or the desire to leverage a new technology or platform.  In general, the same processes can be followed to define specific emerging opportunities in the market.

We can follow one or more of the steps below to help in identifying new areas of opportunity:

  •      Primary market research to create actionable outcomes to drive decisions such as feature priorities, design preferences, demographics, etc.
  •      Market segmentation based on user personas, behavior clustering, etc.
  •      Secondary market research to consider market trends, sizing, competition, etc.
  •      Addressable market sizing based on geography, target market segment(s), etc.
  •      Interviews with key stake holders internal and external to customer
  •      Prioritization based on business criteria defined by the customer

The deliverables from this process can include:

  •     Key Use Cases
  •     Business Case(s)
  •     Competitive Analysis
  •     Technical comparison of platforms (IoT, app development, API, microservices, etc.)
  •     New Business Models
  •     Ecosystem Partnership Plan
  •     Go To Market Plan
  •     Product Roadmap
  •     Priority list of features/functions
  •     Phased Launch Plan
  •     Recommendations for outsourcing to fill resource gaps
  •     Pricing Model(s)
  •     Distribution/Channel Plan
  •     Ecosystem Partnership Plan
  •     Recommendation on Organizational alignment to remove hurdles


It’s no secret that innovation can create differentiated products as well as improved business performance.  But the question is; how does a company develop an environment and culture that rewards employees for innovative thinking and the nurturing of these ideas to frution.  Our team has experience in leading innovation initiatives and processes as well as driving the required culture changes.

Some of the challenges we help our customers overcome include:

  •      A product planning process that requires low risk, high probability business cases before any investment of resources is approved
  •      Budget process with no allocation for investment in new technology or ideas
  •      Development resources that are solely dedicated to maintaining an existing product line
  •      A product roadmap that does not include a long term view beyond 12 months
  •      A culture with no forum to share ideas and a low tolerance for mistakes
  •      Communication disconnect and/or misalignment of priorities between internal groups, e.g. Business and Technology

Deliverables from our innovation consulting can include:

  •      Recommendations for process improvements re:

o   Product planning to include criteria, gates and metrics for innovative ideas, products and technologies

o   Budgeting to allocate funds for innovation

o   Internal forum to gather, manage and develop new ideas

o   Development, documenting and filing for new Intellectual Property and patents

  •      Reward system to encourage creative thinking for improvements in processes, systems and products
  •      Organizational recommendations to align priorities and improve communication
  •      Environment to develop prototypes, proof of concepts and Minimum Viable Products
  •      Create atmosphere of intrapreneurship so large or small companies can make decisions and react quickly to market requirements


Do you need to quickly develop a proof of concept solution for a customer but don’t have the skillset internally?  Require supplemental engineering resources for an upcoming project?  Or maybe you are looking to double the number of engineers on your team for half the cost.

As a part of our overall service offering, we work closely with IMT SOLUTIONS to provide temporary or long-term engineering resources for our customers.  Outsourcing of engineering talent gives our customers great flexibility to:

  •      Add new skillsets quickly as needed
  •      Increase and decrease resources in parallel with your project needs
  •      Manage budgets without the need to hire full-time employees

As an example, as we define use cases for new markets for our customers, leveraging the team at IMT Solutions is a quick, effective way to develop a prototype application.  This allows us to show a proof of concept for a new use case without burdening existing customer resources and at half the cost.



  •      Based in Vietnam, 150 Engineers Using Agile Scrum, 30% Have Worked in USA and/or Europe
  •      F500 & Global Customers: Panasonic, VMware, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox, Emerson, Manulife Financial, Microsoft


  •      OSS/BSS, Media GW, UCC, VoIP (soft switch, SIP GW, etc.), SMPP/SS7/CAMEL, 3G/4G


  •      Project Based/Fixed Price:

o Requirements should be clear

o Effective for PoC and prototype projects

  • Dedicated Development Center:

o Virtual Extension of customer engineering team

o Flexible and scalable

  • Customer Branded Development Center:

o Directly managed by customer

o Follow customer HR processes and policies

o Dedicated office space for engineers

o Customer branding used in office space

The product portfolio of IMT Solutions includes solutions for the following markets:

o Internet of Things

o Fintech

o Automotive

o E-commerce

o Healthcare

o Media & Entertainment

Please check out the vast Portfolio of IMT.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Are you examining how you can leverage the IoT to grow your business? Do you require help in reviewing and selecting the right platform, network or hardware to invest in? Or maybe the technology is no mystery but you need help creating use cases, business models and the business case to justify the investment?

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be the most hyped technology trend of today, and for good reason. The IoT is a reality, not an emerging trend, and is growing every day.

We can help you evaluate the technical and business options and chart the right course for you. Here are some details on the IoT experience of our team:

IoT Commercial Solutions (use cases available for all):

  • Smart City Solution: Networked traffic lights with sensors to measure traffic, pollution and weather, deployed in Russia and China
  • Agriculture Solution: Collecting data from sensors and drones for crop planning and management, deployed in SE Asia
  • Location-Based Retail/E-Commerce App: Using beacons to provide relevant promotions to shoppers when and where they are most likely to respond, deployed in Australia
  • Adventure/Health Solution: Uses small, unobtrusive wearables to measure body temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, altitude, direction, location, etc.. Data is shared real-time to web and/or mobile dashboard for live monitoring of
  • Smart-grid Solution: System uses modules to transform meters, streetlights, homes, industrial buildings and other appliances into energy-aware "smart devices" that react to conditions on the grid


Recently conducted an evaluation and RFP process of IoT platforms that Included the following vendors

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Xively
  • Stream
  • Thingworx
  • IBM Bluemix/Watson

Market Segments

We have specific experience in defining use cases, developing business cases and business models for the following M2M/IoT market segments:

  • Connected Cars
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Maritime Tracking
  • Smart Cities
  • TeleHealth with Wearables
  • Agriculture
  • Border Control
  • Consumer Appliances

Customer experience:

We have examined and recommended IoT use cases with the following customers:

  • Whirlpool
  • Black & Decker
  • Haier
  • Jabil
  • Nespresso
  • International Vending Alliance
  • Pricer